NCT 127 and NCT DREAM Successfully Reach 3 Million Album Sales in 2021


SM Entertainment is known as an agency from Korea that always has new concepts and innovations for the career development of idols under its auspices.


Like the activities of NCT 127 and NCT DREAM this year officially released a full leght album or studio album, which is specially dedicated to music lovers and NCTzen (NCT fans)

Reporting from the Sedaily news portal on Monday (11/08) and at the same time announced on the same day by the official Twitter account @NCTsmtown, it is known that the two groups made by SM Entertainment have successfully surpassed album sales with each group totaling 3 million copies.

This number was obtained based on the release of NCT DREAM’s first studio album titled ‘Hot Sauce’ which was released in May 2021 and has sold 2,071,000 copies. Followed by the first repackaged studio album ‘Hello Future’ which sold 1,279,000 copies, which was released in June 2021. Not only getting a fantastic number of album sales, NCT DREAM also won a trophy from music shows as many as 14 trophies for ‘Hot Sauce’ and ‘Hello Future’.

Meanwhile, new history was also created by NCT ​​127, who is currently entering the age of a career of five years, through a new record for sales of their third studio album titled ‘STICKER’ released in September 2021 which has successfully sold 2,400,000 million copies. And in October 2021, he released his third repackaged studio album titled ‘FAVORITE’ with total sales of 1,174,000. In addition to obtaining extraordinary album sales figures, NCT 127 also won 12 trophies from music shows for ‘STICKER’ and ‘FAVORITE’.

If you add up the total sales of NCT 127 and NCT DREAM, the total number of albums sold in 2021 is 6,930,000 copies. This amount is equivalent to an increase in sales of 3.2 times when compared to album sales in 2020.

These two groups were also awarded the ‘Triple Million Seller‘ award this year thanks to the fantastic album sales figures in just a span of 5 months. This achievement sparked great interest shown for the future activities of the two groups.

Of course, the success of the career journey of NCT 127 and NCT DREAM can achieve many achievements that cannot be separated from various supporting parties, such as the support and love that NCTzen has always given to NCT.