NCSOFT announces Lineage W for PC, PS5, Switch and Mobile


Lineage will reach its next generation this year. Developer NCSOFT has announced Lineage W for PC, PS5, Switch, iOS and Android devices. The game will keep its MMORPG format and seek to greatly increase its scale, to convey a feeling of a whole world to the player.

The trailer above is just one of many videos that were posted for the game at the same time as its ad. Several details of the new game are explained in various videos on the official Lineage W YouTube channel, as in the global battle trailer, for example:

As mentioned before, NCSOFT wants to bring a whole world concept to Lineage, hence the W in the name: world. According to the developer’s CCO, “Lineage W is a project that seeks to become the final Lineage”.

This concept is explored not only in the game’s promotion, but also in its mechanics. Lineage W opted for 3D graphics with this view from the top to offer the same experience across all platforms it will be released, with plans for cross-play between PC and consoles.

The game has not yet set a date or window for its release, but pre-registration is open for mobile devices. Interested players can go to the official website to register for the game on Android or iOS and secure some extra items and bonuses when the game is released.


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