NCIS: Why Actress Pauley Perrette Was Never The Same After The Famous Series


One of the longest running multi-show TV franchises has been making big waves as of late. Multiple events have occurred in recent times regarding CBS’s NCIS franchise.

Ups and downs are likely to happen with something that has been around for quite some time, the original series premiered almost two decades ago, in 2003. The first spin-off, NCIS: Los Angeles, is also over a decade old. (it premiered in 2009), and NCIS: New Orleans has been around for most of the last ten years, having released in 2014. What’s also not surprising to see with long-standing franchises is the drama among the cast members behind of scene, and in that the cup of the department of NCIS spills.

Despite NCIS having a long way to go with building its legacy, the show was marred by a prominent example of behind-the-scenes trouble, including Pauley Perrette’s departure from NCIS in 2018. After portraying the quirky technique of Abby Sciuto’s lab for 15 seasons (from the beginning of the show), Perrette gave her last performance in the role in the final episode of season 15. After the episode aired, Perrette posted several vague tweets hinting that the reason why the one that left was not as pleasant, implying that she had experienced “multiple physical assaults.”

It is unclear how or if what happened at NCIS still affects the actress, as she has not brought up the issue (s) since 2019, even refusing to discuss the issue in a recent interview, but it certainly affected the actress. initially. One way she didn’t change her: she didn’t ruin her love of acting. She returned to television last year, for none other than CBS, starring in the comedy Broke. The show was canceled, but Pauley Perrette appeared to take the news in stride, saying Broke “cured” her.

While it’s sad to think that an old problem with Mark Harmon will likely keep Perrette from returning to NCIS, if leaving an unhealthy work environment and finding a more positive experience on another show has helped Perrette heal and restore his passion for acting. , then that is what is important.

Fans may be disappointed by the improbability of an Abby Sciuto reunion, even if you never say never in Hollywood, but at least they have plenty of other places where they can see Perrette perform. Although she does not have any known projects currently in development or production, she has demonstrated her desire to continue in the role of actress and fans of her in favor of her await the news very soon about it.