NCIS: What we really suspected about the departure of actress Jennifer Esposito


In 2017 it was reported that after starring in just one season of NCIS, Jennifer Esposito would be leaving the long-running CBS series. The actress was already known among fans of the genre for her popular role in another CBS crime drama, the family-oriented Blue Bloods, where she played detective Jackie Curatola. However, she too left that series before being cast on NCIS as Special Agent Alex Quinn.

So why did Jennifer Esposito pull out of yet another popular show, and why did she do it so quickly? How was Alex Quinn’s story resolved when it ended shortly after it began? Here’s what fans need to know about Quinn’s character and the circumstances behind Esposito’s departure from the show when she seemed like a perfect fit on NCIS.

The Deadline report claimed that Jennifer Esposito’s departure was the decision of the producers and said that “the show plans to go in a new creative direction” that does not involve Alex Quinn. Esposito verified this in a subsequent tweet that clarified that Quinn was never intended to be a long-term character: “He wasn’t meant to be there for long, but he was happy,” she tweeted herself.

Like any long-running series, NCIS has said goodbye to several cast members and characters, including Mark Harmon, who ultimately exited the series during the current 19th season and was replaced by Gary Cole as Special Agent Alden Parker. Something that did not leave many fans happy.

But Jennifer Esposito’s story is notable because of her character’s short tenure (she’s the only series regular to leave after just one season) and the relative lack of explanation or fanfare about her departure.

Although she wasn’t around for very long, Jennifer Esposito was a great addition to the series, and it’s a shame she couldn’t have been used longer or at least had a full exit episode. Hopefully, the NCIS writers won’t take the same approach when Wilmer Valderrama is likely to leave at the end of season 19.