NCIS: These Actors Have Played Different Characters In The Same Franchise


NCIS is the successful franchise that was born with the naval crime investigation drama of the same name and that aired in 2003. The series that is currently airing its 19th season, has had two spin-offs under its belt, called NCIS: Los Angeles and the canceled NCIS: New Orleans. The three series of the same universe, over the years have shared their actors, while some of them play different characters in each CBS program.

It is common to see the same characters interacting in the different programs of a franchise, since their stories are immersed in the same universe. What is strange is that actors are used to give life to different characters this environment of the criminal world, and this is what has happened in NCIS throughout its history, and here are several examples.

Randy Vasquez played ATF Special Agent Phillip Caffey during NCIS season 12 episode 20, titled “No Good Deed”; while in Episode 19 “Quid Pro Quo”, season 3 of the late crime drama NCIS: New Orleans, he played Naval Intelligence Commander Downey.

Another actor who has had a double role in the NCIS franchise is Omid Abtahi. In episode 25 of season 6 of the main series, titled “Aliyah”, he got into the character of Saleem Ulman, and then he appeared in the first episode of the seventh installment “Truth or consequences”. He but was on NCIS: Los Angeles where he played a different role as Ari Sayed in episodes 18 and 19 of season 4. Titled “Red parts 1 and 2”

As many will recall, Jonathan Chase joins the roster of double acting actors in the hit franchise. The star was commissioned to play Kevin Turner in episode 8 “The Gray Man” of the crime drama NCIS: Los Angeles, during season 6; but he also appeared on the screens through NCIS as Navy Commander Marshall May, in episode 12 of season 17, titled “Flight Plan.”

Many stars have been invited to different NCIS shows, including Mark Harmon’s own son. Fans saw Sean Harmon once again as the young Leroy Gibbs in the series’ milestone 400, which coincided with season 18 episode 4 in this 2021. Previously, he was in seasons 6, 7 and 9 with the same role.

However, Sean Harmon also played another character. The star stepped into Charlie Connor’s shoes in episode 20 titled “Rage” that aired with season 4 of the CBS spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles. Importantly, they are not the only actors with double characters. The TV Insider medium reviewed a complete list of the stars who have walked through the franchise.