NCIS: The Real Reason Harmon Fired Showrunner Donald Bellisario


Mark Harmon’s fame was undoubtedly exploded thanks to his character on NCIS, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. This character has become known for thinking fast, and being direct within the show. However, in addition to having a passion for acting, he also serves as an executive producer on the hit CBS.

As a producer, Mark Harmon has performed quite well, even, this actor has come to have much more attractive than most of the actors on the shows that he stars in. Remember, Donald P. Bellisario abruptly left NCIS in 2007.

The original creator of NCIS, Donald P. Bellisario, surprised with his departure, and many of the fans wondered why the showrunner would have made this decision so abruptly. The response at that time to more than one surprised, and that is, it was Mark Harmon himself who helped him get out of this CBS series.

According to reliable sources, Mark Harmon and Bellisario often fought off screen. Harmon was very dissatisfied with Bellisario’s chaotic management style, which caused an obstruction in the productivity of the program. As it was inevitable, a confrontation between Harmon and Bellisario took place.

So the CBS network decided that Bellisario was replaceable, while the star of the screens was not. Once Bellisario left the show, Mark Harmon was left running the show in a fairly low-key way.

Donald P. Bellisario is a screenwriter and producer, who has created and written episodes for many of the shows he has been involved in. He is currently 86 years old, and because of his age, it is likely that he will continue to move away from the Hollywood screens.

When Donald left his duties, the new job was held in 2009 by Gary Glasberg. Sadly, Gary Glasberg passed away at age 50 and NCIS was forced to introduce two new showrunners in 2016. The team struggled with the loss of Glasberg, and while Schenck and Cardea accepted the responsibilities, they did so with great regret and gratitude for him. talented cast who would be given the opportunity to work alongside them.