NCIS: The production error of the show that ended up becoming an episode


Since NCIS debuted in April 2003, viewers have been treated to hundreds of action-packed scenes of drama and death as members of Special Agent and leader Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) team go on a mission. In order to create some of these stunning scenes, the producers have worked magic with every detail fans see. But, sometimes there are errors that are included in the production, as it happened with this chapter.

The editing error in question occurred in NCIS season 7 episode 14 titled, “Masquerade.” The episode itself is about Gibbs’ team tracking down a rogue terrorist organization after a car bombing. However, after a long investigation and capture of the members of the organization, it is when the error can be seen.

In the closing moments of NCIS Season 7 Episode 14, Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) attends a virtual wedding of one of his online gaming friends. As McGee’s co-workers tease him for attending a work wedding, creating hilarious moments between team members.

But, in this scene when everyone is watching the wedding online, a background character can be seen coming down the stairs behind them. The funny thing is that he never climbs back up, he just comes down from the top every time the camera focuses on McGee, which is repeated several times when everyone is watching the wedding.

However, eagle-eyed fans noted the curious continuity error between each descent and camera switch, making it seem more like this poor soul is stuck in some kind of stair-based time loop. Curiously, this person who was behind was part of the production members who were adjusting the microphones at the top of the stairs.

But, the members of the production decided to take advantage of this small error of the program to be part of episode 14 of season 7 of NCIS, because it passed almost unnoticed among the viewers of the program. Over the course of the show’s 18+ installments, there have certainly been plenty of production bugs, but some are so minor that they’re often noticeable.