NCIS: The exit of this character is the worst that the CBS crime drama has had


NCIS, the long-running naval crime investigation drama that premiered in 2003, is currently airing on the CBS network with its 19th season, and is scheduled to return to fan screens on Monday, January 3. of 2022 with the tenth episode, showing a new case while the cast remains on foot in the middle of the traffic behind a suspect, as the most recent images reveal.

The hit series starred Mark Harmon from the first season to the fourth episode of the current installment. Playing stubborn and suspicious special agent Leroy Gibbs, he considered himself the soul of the show and one of those responsible for the series’ high ratings alongside his team.

NCIS fans since the drama first aired have enjoyed an immense number of stories that have involved different characters. The vast majority of those who made up the original cast of the series, stayed behind and fortunately were not killed, and therefore received a proper closure on their respective bows.

NCIS season 18 was the delivery of the exits. Fans of the crime drama witnessed the tragic death of Emily, the daughter of former FBI agent and friend of Gibbs, Tobias Fornell. They also saw Breena, the wife of forensic scientist Jimmy Palmer, die from Covid-19. Both games were sudden.

Likewise, Jack Sloane was another of the characters who left with season 17 of NCIS, however, fortunately she was not killed. However, her departure caused some discomfort to viewers, as everyone expected a romance between her and Special Agent Leroy Gibbs, something that never happened.

The truth is that of all the exits of NCIS the one that made the most noise was that of special agent Ellie Bishop. At the end of season 18 of the long-running crime drama, fans of the series were in shock when Emily Wickersham’s character said goodbye to the show she was a significant part of for eight seasons. This has been one of the toughest farewells, especially due to the arc that had been working between Bishop and Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama).

Just for the sake of getting Ellie Bishop out, once again NCIS played with the hearts of fans leaving not only them but Special Agent Torres devastated. The attraction and affection between them had been heating up for months giving viewers hope that this couple would finally become romantic; but sadly that couldn’t be seen, as after hooking the audience, Bishop went on a sting operation, turning around and turning her outing into one of the worst in the CBS series. She kissed him goodbye and was never seen again.