NCIS Sydney: Could Agent Ziva David Actress Star in New Spinoff?


The popular NCIS franchise continues to expand more and more, after the CBS television network confirmed a spin-off called NCIS Sydney, which will be based on the Australian opera house. Although no actors have yet been revealed to star in the new drama, fans have been talking about the possibility of agent Ziva David (Coté de Pablo) becoming a bridge to the main show.

Recall that the popular franchise premiered NCIS Hawaii in September 2021, with a new investigation team that would be led by special agent Jane Tennant (played by Vanessa Lachey), becoming the first woman to lead a franchise team. For this reason, some fans claim that the new spin-off could also be led by a woman, specifically by Ziva David.

Ziva joined the cast of NCIS in the third season after the sad and shocking death of Agent Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander), but she is considered an original member of the team because of the great moments she had on the show. The last time fans saw the character on the show was during the season 11 finale, when she chose to venture to Israel instead of staying in Washington, leaving behind her colleague and love agent Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly). ).

However, at the time, the actress explained the real reason why she had decided to leave the popular series, assuring that she did not like the policies that the program applied when producing the episodes and stories for each one. of her favorite characters.

“Unfortunately, because the political stuff and the scripts aren’t good enough, I decided not to [return to NCIS],” Coté de Pablo said in an interview.

Despite her statements, the actress never ruled out the possibility of making a return to the show, saying that she would be hoping that some of the show’s writers would write “something really fantastic for her.” Interestingly, the actress returned once more in season 16 to participate in a special story with her character, ending and leaving the show again in season 17.

But now, fans have been talking about the possibility of seeing Coté de Pablo in the new spin-off NCIS Sydney, as the actress has shown her willingness to return to the franchise as long as her character has an interesting story, which is why this would be a great opportunity being the protagonist of it.

So far no indication has been shown of who will star in the new spin-off NCIS Sydney, because they are still in the process of casting and history that this new program will have, which is scheduled to premiere in 2023.