NCIS season 19: why did Mark Harmon (Gibbs) leave the series?


We suspected it for several months, the news was confirmed during episode 4 of season 19 of NCIS: Mark Harmon (Gibbs) has decided to leave the detective series. A disappointment for the fans, but a necessary choice for the actor who is both tired by filming and turned to another priority.


Despite the creators’ promises this summer, Gibbs won’t be onscreen for very long in NCIS Season 19. Indeed, it was during episode 4 broadcast on October 11, 2021 on CBS in the USA that McGee’s mentor officially said goodbye to the team. Obviously, the door remains open to a future return to the screen, but Mark Harmon – his interpreter, seems today turned to something else.

Mark Harmon was exhausted from the shoot

If the actor remains attached to the detective series through his role as a producer, his priority would be to rest after having carried for nearly 20 years one of the most powerful series of television in the United States. “His departure had been in the paper for a while,” a source close to fiction told OK Magazine. He was more and more tired by this daily grind.

Yes, despite the efforts of the creative team over the past year, “The producers went out of their way to make things easier for him, including reducing his screen time or bringing Gary Cole into the picture. in order to fill the void “, Mark Harmon – now 70 years old, no longer felt fit to face such a daily challenge with complicated schedules (12 hours a day on average),” He felt he had given his maximum to the series and that it was time for him to leave “.

Another priority for the actor

A disappointment as it is so difficult to imagine NCIS without him? Yes, but a necessity for the actor. It’s no secret, Mark Harmon was traumatized by the death of his father at the age of 70 when he was only 39. Also, as the magazine’s source recalled, “It’s been a long time that Mark Harmon said he now wanted to spend a lot more time with his family “, be it his wife, Pam Dawber, or his two sons Sean (33) and Ty (29).

And if there’s one thing you’ve learned through Gibbs’ story in NCIS, it’s that there is nothing more important than family.


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