NCIS Season 19: What’s Happening With The Drama Filming And Why It Was Stopped


NCIS, the US broadcaster CBS’s naval crime investigation drama, said goodbye to fans in early December when the final episode of the first half of season 19 aired. The show, returned this week with a new episode to continue the story of the long-running series.

Recall that last season of NCIS featured fewer episodes than previous installments. This was due, initially to the blockade generated by the coronavirus pandemic that has been affecting the world since the beginning of 2020. Then, the team and cast returned to work, but under strict safety and prevention regulations in order to avoid any risk of contagion.

Fortunately, NCIS season 19 aired without a hitch in late December. The personnel who work on the set during the filming, adapted to the security protocols implemented in a mandatory way, and therefore the filming had been taking place under these circumstances and without major events that prevented the work from being carried out.

However, as the crew and cast were preparing to shoot the remainder of season 19 this week after returning from winter break, they were notified that NCIS production was suspended, no doubt causing filming delays. of new episodes and therefore in the emission of the same ones in the time programmed by the CBS chain.

The news was released by Deadline on Thursday, assuring that the long-running crime drama is delaying filming at least for the moment, due to the new variant and the recent increase in Covid-19 cases. In particular, the report notes that there was a positive test within Zone A, which includes the cast and other key personnel from the series.

Importantly, this will affect the filming of the NCIS / NCIS: Hawaii crossover that was announced this week. Recall that the main drama is filmed in Los Angeles where positive cases have increased exponentially. Fortunately, production in Hawaii is still ongoing.

On the other hand, another of the productions of the franchise that is also being affected is the crime drama NCIS: Los Angeles, which stopped its production until February. A measure that is only taken as a precaution, since there are already a series of episodes ready to broadcast.