NCIS Season 19: What Sean Murray Revealed About Mark Harmon’s Return To Drama


NCIS, the action drama that follows the lives of special agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which airs on Mondays of each week through the CBS broadcast network, premiered season 19 on September 20 of the year past and is now heading towards the end of this part of the story. The installment has a scheduled conclusion to air on May 23 with episode 21 and Sean Murray could be confirming what fans suspect about Mark Harmon.

It’s been seven months since NCIS fans haven’t seen Leroy Gibbs on the show. The iconic character who led the team of special agents since the first season in 2003, said goodbye with the fourth episode of the nineteenth installment when he made the drastic decision to stay in Alaska to have a quiet life.

Since Mark Harmon left the series that he starred in for almost two decades, there has been much speculation about his return. Recently, NCIS showrunner Steven D, Binder, assured that the story of the final episode of season 19 will be steeped in Leroy Gibbs. However, he did not clarify if this was about the return of the character.

NCIS fans have been waiting for Mark Harmon to appear in season 19. However, there are only two episodes left for the installment to wrap up and nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Consider the level of angst loyal viewers may be going through at not seeing him on screen, but considering the actor is still an executive producer on the crime drama, the question everyone is asking is if there’s a chance he could Leroy Gibbs returns with the final episode with at least one cameo.

The possibility of Mark Harmon’s return at any time shouldn’t be ruled out, as fans have witnessed his peers always remember him and occasionally mention him. Leroy Gibbs behaved like a father to the members of the team over the years and is still present not only in the hearts of him, but also in the hearts of the fans who are eager to see him.

So is there a chance Mark Harmon will show up before the season 19 finale? Nothing is confirmed, but it is likely that he will appear on screen again at some point. Speaking to Parade, his co-star Sean Murray, who plays Timothy McGee, indicated that the actor appears here and there.

“He shows up… I saw him two weeks ago actually. So he is close. It’s not like he just packed up and left town or anything. I’m not just saying this to joke around and all that nonsense, I really, really think the Gibbs could show up somewhere. I really think there is a possibility of that happening.”