NCIS Season 19: This was Leroy Gibbs’s surprise in the plot of episode 10


NCIS, the crime action drama of the CBS network, returned this Monday, January 3 with episode 10 of season 19, titled “Pledge of Allegiance”, as expected. However, it appeared they are a real surprise that left the viewers of the long-running series stunned. (Major spoilers for episode 10)

NCIS fans said goodbye to Leroy Gibbs during the fourth episode of season 19. The character of Mark Harmon, who led the team of special agents said goodbye to fans after so many rumors about his departure from the show he starred in since it first aired in 2003.

Initially, it was said that Harmon would return for a handful of episodes, what many did not know was that he would say goodbye shortly after the premiere of season 19. Although the actor remains as an executive producer of NCIS, the producers of the crime drama have not ruled out that his character will return eventually. Many are waiting to see it again before the current installment ends.

However, what no one really expected is that the NCIS writers would include Leroy Gibbs in the plot of the current episodes. What happened during episode 10 aired this Monday, left more than one surprised when the drama made direct reference to the character of Mark Harmon. It turns out that Special Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) and Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) received a deposit into their bank accounts in the amount of $ 10,000 each; and guess who was the generous one.

After an investigation with the people of the bank about the origin of the money, they discovered through the director of NCIS Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll), that his former mentor Leroy Gibbs was the one who made the deposits of those large sums of money. The question that everyone asked themselves later was the reason why Harmon’s character had to have that kind of gestures with his former co-workers.

Vance meets with McGee and Palmer and explains that the two of them are the newest members of the Leroy Gibbs University Scholarship Club, and at the same time tells them that they can’t give it back to him. It is there that the director reveals to them that he also went through that experience with Gibbs, the time he made a donation to him when his children were the same age as theirs.

NCIS fans have known Gibbs all this time and are well aware of the character’s human quality. What he did in episode 10 of season 19 was in memory of his daughter Kelly, Vance explained to McGee and Palmer. This told about Gibbs’ story and his eagerness to create a college fund for his daughter who was murdered.

“It’s in memory of his daughter Kelly. When he was young, he started a college fund. When he died, Gibbs never closed the account. In fact, he kept adding more. Since then, he has helped many families of agents. All children go to college in honor of Kelly. ”

“What a legacy,” says McGee, and Palmer wishes he could thank Gibbs in person. “Hopefully one day I will,” says Vance.