NCIS Season 19: They confirm who is back with the final episode of the drama


NCIS, the long-running naval criminal investigation drama that premiered in 2003, is wrapping up season 19 on the CBS broadcast network, with the finale set to hit fans’ screens in late May, with an explosive episode that will put into action the members of the team that was led by Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) until the beginning of this installment that is about to end.

On Wednesday of this week, NCIS Executive Producer Steven D Binder revealed details of what will be the final installment of Season 19 of the hit CBS show, where new crew chief Alden Parker (Gary Cole), he will be framed for a murder for which he is not responsible.

According to the advances of the NCIS showrunner, the story of the final episode of the nineteenth season of the crime drama will be impregnated with Leroy Gibbs. Binder may be hinting at a Mark Harmon cameo to wrap up this part of the show’s story, but he also has a hand in what happens to Alden Parker. On how to get him out of trouble, it’s up to Special Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) to help him out when the whole system goes against him.

The truth is that the conclusion of the 19th season of NCIS will introduce a new character as reported this week; but the long-running drama will also bring back an iconic character from the series. A few weeks ago when Brian Dietzen, interpreter of Jimmy Palmer revealed the news, and now this important return was confirmed by the showrunner to TV Insider.

It turns out that David McCallum is returning to NCIS as forensic expert Ducky Mallard in the final two episodes of the CBS show’s 19th season, which will air across the network on May 16 and 23. Issues 20 and 21 are titled ‘All or Nothing’ and ‘Birds of a Feather’, respectively.

Ducky’s initial return will be to help Jimmy Palmer on a case. Since McCallum’s character has taken on the role of NCIS Historian, it’s clear that he has less to do on cases on a day-to-day basis, but the writers are still happy to include him in stories whenever they get the chance.