NCIS Season 19: The surprise of this beloved character made his fans cry


NCIS finally returned to the screens with its 10th episode titled Pledge of Allegiance. In addition to being excited about his long-awaited return, viewers of the CBS television channel also left in tears after the participation of the main star.

As we well know, Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) decided to stay in Alaska in the previous episodes, however, the truth is that for now this veteran on-screen agent has not been missed too much. The reason? It is simply because it is due to his replacement with his colleague Alden Parker (Gary Cole) in front of the team.

Although many lovers of this television story are lamenting the departure of actor Harmon, it is well known from experience that when a character does not die on the screen in a series or movie, he always has the possibility of rejoining the plot. Of course, the case of Gibbs is no exception.

In this comeback episode, he dominated the long-awaited reunion of Mark Harmon, despite his departure in episode four. As we’ll recall, Gibbs left viewers heartbroken after he stepped back from being a special agent and in charge of NCIS.

For almost two decades, Mark Harmon was playing this character, it is completely understandable that the exit was truly emotional, since everyone was used to seeing him perform on screens.

Although he did not appear in this emotional episode, his presence felt closer than ever after being mentioned. Fans were also shocked and excited to see that Gibbs continued to have a positive effect on the NCIS team, despite being thousands of miles away. One of the fans through his Twitter account wrote: “Just when I thought I couldn’t shed any more tears for Gibbs.”

Showrunner Steve Binder had also poked fun at Gibbs’ big comeback, in a statement that read, “So regarding Gibbs’s future, as longtime fans of the show may have noted over the years, never discount Leroy Jethro Gibbs. “