NCIS Season 19: Here’s How Fans Reacted To Gibbs’ Latest Twist


Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, was present from the first season, which is why his presence in this drama broadcast through the CBS television channel has been so important until then. As we will remember, a few weeks ago, the actor Harmon himself confessed that he would no longer be part of the drama, a news that still continues to break the hearts of his followers.

Despite being some 3,300 miles away from the rest of the team, the former special agent’s presence was strongly felt throughout the episode, after McGee (Sean Murray) and Palmer (Brian Dietzen) were finding out the details about a mysterious deposit that would have reached their bank accounts.

Ultimately it was revealed that this money was destined to the university scholarship funds of their respective children, it was Gibbs himself who deposited it. “That’s amazing, but I mean, it’s too generous,” Palmer exclaimed, before McGee chimed in: “Okay. We can’t keep it.”

“It’s in memory of his daughter Kelly,” he continued. “When she was young, she started a college fund. When she died, Gibbs never closed the account. In fact, it kept increasing. Since then, she has helped many families of agents. All the children go to college in honor of Kelly. “. Palmer was eager to thank his former boss in person, however Vance with a smile concluded, “Well hopefully one day you will,” which means we could see him later.

Of course, Twitter did not wait for comments from his fans, who were totally moved by this generous act by Mark Harmon’s interpreter, despite his departure, his audience has remained firm and attentive.

One CBS viewer did not hesitate to comment: “I love Director Vance’s last line! It gives me great hope that we have definitely NOT seen the last of Leroy Jethro Gibbs.”

Without a doubt, this was a great premiere episode, since in addition to bringing out more than one smile, it also continued to cheer on loyal Leroy Jethro Gibbs fans.