NCIS Season 18: Fewer episodes of the series


NCIS fans think it’s a negative thing. Sure, but it’s understandable. Filming began months later than usual; Not only that, but these shows can be more difficult to film with restrictions and extra steps that need to be taken to ensure safety.

As for how the number of smaller episodes might change this season, it’s going to feel reasonably similar in some ways. NCIS is a show that is approaching 20 broadcast seasons, at this point it’s clear that they have a good idea of ​​what works best for them.

However, we believe that there may be fewer totally independent episodes and instead more that build a larger story. NCIS has us used to totally important twists in the series that set the course.

The shorter order could give writers more opportunities to revisit key elements of the NCIS story; certainly, there will still be individual cases and the like, but there can be as many episodes of big events here as in a typical season. When you remove more independents, that means a higher percentage of long-term story arcs.

However, this is only a prediction. We’ll learn more about what the future holds for NCIS when we get to next month. Probably, the premiere of the new installment of NCIS, may arrive for the month of November or at the end of 2020.

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