NCIS: Possible death looms for daughter of another CBS crime drama agent


NCIS, the long-running naval criminal investigation series that airs on the CBS broadcast network, will return next Monday, March 7 with episode 7 of season 19, titled ‘First Steps,’ as reported. In the past week. This will be an installment that fans will witness when father and daughter get into action. However, something devastating for the characters could be on the way. (Spoilers for NCIS season 19 episode 14)

The long-running criminal drama, since it premiered in 2003, has been characterized by turning the lives of some of its characters into something tragic. There is no doubt that in the case of a series where the special agents keep chasing the bad guys, sooner or later they and their families could fall prey to the criminals, as has happened in the past of the program.

NCIS fans know that former NCIS leader Leroy Gibbs’s (Mark Harmon) life turned tragic when a drug dealer murdered his wife and daughter. And more recently, they also witnessed in season 18 the moment when Emily (Juliette Angelo), the daughter of former FBI agent and now private investigator Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano), died as a victim of another trafficker who supplied her with drugs.

With this in mind, with NCIS season 19 episode 14 it could be the turn of agency head Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll). In this installment of the crime drama, his daughter Kayla played by Naomi Grace, after training with the team for some time, dives into a new case to help out on a mission, but ends up being the victim of a kidnapping. It is there that his own father, who has rarely been seen using his weapon, will be forced into action, as promotional photos shared in recent days show.

The latest promotional video for the new installment of NCIS reveals that there will be devastating moments for Vance and his daughter. With Kayla kidnapped, her life is in danger and the consequences would probably be devastating since death could be coming to the family of Rocky Carroll’s character. Adding to this concern, fans may also need to at least temporarily say goodbye to the director of the investigative agency.

The truth is that if Kayla dies in episode 14 of season 19 of NCIS, this will be a truly dark turn for her father who is seen at the end of the promotional trailer making a gesture of astonishment. It is likely that this is the moment in which he is informed about the kidnapping of Kayla, but here he could also be learning about her death. Now that his family is being victimized by crime, chances are the CBS drama’s writers are preparing to step down as director, at least temporarily while he recovers from losing him. It only remains to wait for the arrival of episode 14 next Monday to know for sure what will happen.