NCIS New Orleans Season 6: What We Suspect After Lucas Black’s Elimination


Contrary to what fans of NCIS: New Orleans thought, the character Christopher LaSalle played by Lucas Black in one of the most successful properties of CBS, retired for more than justifiable reasons after he died in the plot and joined the most remembered figures, especially for his southern accent, his appreciation for the Alabama Crimson Tide and his personal problems.

It all ended for the character of Black in season 6, just when his life in the series began to straighten up, he improved his relationship with his father, stopped sleeping with so many women and even went to church, but it was in episode 6, “Matthew 5:9”, where LaSalle was shot while investigating the death of his brother by a drug ring in Alabama. Although he received medical attention, it was not enough and he died accompanied by his team members, due to his injuries.

The plot of NCIS: New Orleans has let go of several characters, but none has been so rejected by fans who, through social networks, expressed their dissatisfaction with the departure and demanded to know the reasons why they had left. go to Black, imagining that his separation from the set was due to fights with the writers or the production company. Nothing is further from reality.

“Throughout my career, there was a concern that I was looking at how the entertainment industry would destroy families.”

In summary, Lucas Black at 39 years of age decided to leave NCIS: New Orleans to spend more time with his family, since he stated in an interview that he worked almost 70 hours a week during the first three seasons of the series and no work is worth enough to make up for the time he spent away from his daughter, Sophie Jo Black.

In fact, among the speculations regarding the departure of Black and his character from the series, some fans hoped that this death was a nightmare of agent Dwayne Pride, played by Scott Bakula, but in the end the reason why The one Lucas Black left is similar to why Julian McMahon is no longer in the FBI: Quality of Life franchise.

Finally, his character was replaced by the actor Charles Michael Davis and his character the agent Quentin Carter who arrived after a reasonable time had passed in that story and the fans ended up accepting his departure, although they still mourn the beloved agent LaSalle.