NCIS: Los Angeles: They confirm which character will not return to the CBS crime drama


NCIS: Los Angeles, the CBS crime-action drama, premiered season 13 last October and is now wrapping up this part of the story with a finale scheduled for the end of May. Many fans expected to see the return of one of their favorite characters, whose face has not been seen since the debut of the current installment. But, the showrunner confirmed that he will not be back.

The long-running hit series has been on the air since it premiered in 2009, featuring a cast of characters with interesting story arcs, and teaching fans to become familiar with them. This is why, when they do not appear on the screen, viewers do nothing but miss them. Precisely, that is what is happening with one of the favorites since season 12.

Fans of the crime drama NCIS: Los Angeles have been witnessing Hetty Lange’s absence since season 12 of the series. The global health crisis prevented the 77-year-old actress Linda Hunt from staying away from the filming set of the program in order to protect herself from the pandemic that is plaguing the world.

With the twelfth installment, the Linda Hunt character only appeared in a handful of episodes. And when season 13 hit screens, it was only featured during the premiere episode. While many are hoping for her return with the finale set to air in May, showrunner R. Scott Gemmill said that won’t happen.

Loyal viewers of NCIS: Los Angeles will have to wait a little longer to see the return of Hetty Lange. Recall that at the start of Season 13, the team leader left on a special assignment in Syria, leaving her team in the charge of retired Admiral Hollace Kilbride.

According to Gemmill, while speaking with Parade he promised that Hetty Lange’s story continues, but that she will not be present in the final episodes of the thirteenth installment of NCIS: Los Angeles, but will return to the screen until fall 2022 at the earliest, when season 14 of the crime drama premieres.

“She was at the beginning of this season and then we made her disappear. The plan is to follow that up next [season] with some reveal,” she said.