NCIS Los Angeles Season 3: Final Episodes Suggest Sam Hanna’s Departure


The popular series from the NCIS franchise, NCIS Los Angeles, is keeping all viewers hooked with the final episodes of its 13th season, which has revealed shocking twists from director Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) and agent G. Callen (Chris O’Donnell) investigating her. But now, the drama suggests that Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) might leave the team for his father.

According to the official synopsis of episode 16 of season 13 of NCIS Los Angeles, they reveal to us that after agent Sam Hanna lost his wife Michelle (Aunjanue Ellis), now he will have to face other hard moments in his life, when his father he is diagnosed with a serious illness and he has to make an important decision.

Episode 13 reveals that Sam will be forced to sell his houseboat to care for his father Raymond Hanna (Richard Gant), who has Alzheimer’s. So he will have to say goodbye to what has been his house for the last few years after the death of his wife Michelle. Although the special agent will be sad to leave the home of a long time, his departure from his team or a big change in his life is also suggested.

Apparently Sam will not only sell his house to be with his father Raymond, but also have a rapprochement with his current girlfriend named, Katherina Casillas (Moon Bloodgood), who has not been seen since season 12, which means that she could be a great help so that he doesn’t get separated from the NCIS Los Angeles team.

It is the first time that Sam Hanna’s father will be shown, despite the fact that several times in past seasons he had been mentioned on the show. Interestingly, the actor who plays him will debut in the special 300th episode of NCIS Los Angeles, which will be titled “Work & Family.”

Until now it is known that Raymond had been in the Marine Corps as a colonel and joined the Navy after completing the military academy. So it will be interesting to see the interaction that he will have with Sam and the advice that he could give him in the midst of his terrible illness that will require a lot of attention.

Guest star Richard Gant is a veteran film and television actor, known for his supporting roles in such films as Rocky V and The Big Lebowski. However, the actor’s appearance will not be until May 8, 2022.