NCIS Los Angeles Season 13: The theory that ensures Callen’s betrayal of the team


The latest episodes of NCIS Los Angeles Season 13 have been suggesting that Agent G. Callen (played by Chris O’Donnell) might discover something unique about his past after seeing footage of him as a child on a training program by the CIA. However, fans have been talking about a theory that could lead to the agent betraying his team to find out the truth.

According to the previews that have been showing of episode 17 of season 13 of NCIS Los Angeles, Agent Callen will have a great conflict against Admiral Hollace Kilbride (Gerald McRaney), by disobeying his orders when he tries to discover who he really was in the past and how he ended up becoming a special agent.

But, the trailer for episode 17 has dropped a big clue about Callen, when the agent is looking at what appear to be video clips from his childhood days. In a room full of children, and between them Callen who gets up from a chair with a girl clutching a stick behind him. While the agent is watching the clips, a voiceover from Kilbride says a few curious words:

“He’s seeing connections that don’t exist,” Kilbride tells an unseen member of the team.

He “he has fallen down a rabbit hole and is taking it deeper”.

However, what leads fans to think that Callen might betray Killbride and his team is what is shown later in the trailer, when the agent appears to be walking in the garden of some secret facility and is spotted by a security camera. security, which means that he will continue to investigate what they actually did to him when he was just a child, to later become one of the best NCIS agents.

Recall that After growing up in various foster homes, Callen was finally rescued from the streets by director Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt), when he was a teenager and was caught stealing a car. However, the agent knows that Hetty is keeping a secret about his life from him in order to protect him.

For a while now, viewers have been watching as season 13 of NCIS Los Angeles has been focusing on Hetty’s disappearances, where it has been slowly discovered that she has dealt with a program with the CIA in the past, in the past. who trained children to become assassins in the different missions that were assigned to them.