NCIS: Los Angeles – Hetty Returns for Final Episode of The Series


NCIS: Los Angeles: Now it’s official! After spending the season away, Henrietta “Hetty” Lange is back for the final episode of the 12th season of NCIS: Los Angeles. During the events that took place during the season, the character was on a mysterious journey, but returns to the finale, as shown in the photos released by the production.

One of the reasons why the character did not participate in the other episodes was the pandemic. According to Scott Gemmill, showrunner of the series, the production had to be very careful with the recordings so as not to put the cast at risk. In an interview with the American portal TV Live, he revealed that the situation of actress Linda Hunt was even more delicate, since she is 76 years old.

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In the season finale, Deeks is kidnapped by one of Kirkins’ men. The team investigates the murder of a dolphin that had a Russian microchip implanted in its body and Eric makes an interesting proposal for Nell.

Hetty’s return was also a highly anticipated moment for fans and the showrunner says viewers will love to see the cast all together again. For him, Henrietta is a very important and almost mythical character for the development of the series. The season finale will be broadcast next Sunday (9), in the United States.

Although this is the final episode of Season 12, don’t worry: CBS has already confirmed the renewal of NCIS: Los Angeles for its 13th season. Recordings are due to begin shortly.

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