NCIS: Los Angeles – End of Season 12 Has Two Exits (spoilers)


NCIS: Los Angeles, The 12th season of NCIS: Los Angeles saw the departure of two veteran characters from the series. In an emotionally charged episode, Hetty is back, but we still don’t know what her future will be in the series. In the meantime, we need to say goodbye to Eric and Nell while the two decide to change countries.

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More details of the NCIS: Los Angeles season finale

Eric Beale told his partner, Nell Jones, that he won a grant for his own technology company. However, the headquarters would need to be in Tokyo. Still, it is clear that he would not let his colleague be left behind and invites Nell to be her right hand man.

Callen suspects that Hetty does not plan to resume the job – at the time filled by Nell – and questions Kilbride about it. After all, she was a mentor to him when he was younger, but Kilbride insists that Callen should be focused on his own future, especially now that a new Russian social network has been discovered and the case must be resolved.

Meanwhile, Nell receives Eric’s proposal to work alongside her. The plan is to create Kaleidoscope 2.0 and improve the cyber technology market. To do this, Beale insists that he needs her to succeed.

Although hesitant, she decides that going to Tokyo with Eric is the best decision she can make at the moment. When Kensi asks if she is sure of the decision, Nell says no, but knows that she will not have another opportunity like this.

This was not the only surprise in the NCIS: Los Angeles season finale. The episode also brought Hetty Lange back so she could find out about Nell’s decision. When the girl meets the superior in her office, she wants to know where Hetty has been. “This is a story for another time,” says Hetty, just before finding out that Nell is going to leave the team and move to another country.

Hetty wishes her luck and Nell and Eric leave the series after so many seasons. So she calls Kilbride for a chat and it’s not clear what the issues were, but we can see Kilbride returning Hetty’s weapons to the arsenal.

Other than that, the 12th season ended relatively cheerfully, although Nell and Eric’s departure has a bittersweet taste. Fatima finally reveals that she is upset because it is her best friend’s death anniversary and she decided to change her life for the better.

In addition, Sam goes to the beach to watch his son’s flight test and Callen tells his friend that he is a great father. Finally, Kensi and Deeks enjoy the beach to have a picnic and relax after their troubled year.

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