NCIS Los Angeles: Andrea Bordeaux and the reasons for her tragic departure from the program


Season 13 of NCIS: Los Angeles has, as usual, brought its fans to review old seasons, especially now after some dramatic twists and cancellation rumors. Among the topics of discussion is that related to Special Agent Harley Hidoko, played by Andrea Bordeaux, and the reasons for her tragic departure from the program.

Harley Hidoko appeared in a total of 22 episodes of NCIS Season 9: Los Angeles (October 2017-May 2018) as a United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant who joins the team to become the assistant to the new Deputy Executive Director of Pacific Operations, Shay Mosley (Nia Long). At the time, the audience welcomed Bordeaux as Hidoko, so there was no suspicion at the time that her character arc would end so soon.

Without warning, the audience witnessed with surprise how at the end of season 9 of NCIS: Los Angeles, Hidoko undertook a dangerous and secret mission in Mexico, under the radar of the Mexican and American authorities, with the objective of infiltrating alone in a powerful drug cartel to retrieve Mosley’s son who had been kidnapped by his father and was in danger.

A last twist of the season opened the door to what would later be presented on screen as the tragic departure of Andrea Bordeaux’s character, when things start to go wrong for Harley Hidoko when she loses communication with her tracker and disappears completely. of the narration. It all makes sense when the NCIS: Los Angeles team locates the coordinates of her last location in a remote area and finds a pile of burned human remains, whose DNA analysis later reveals that they belong to the missing Special Agent.

Unsurprisingly, this unfortunate departure from Bordeaux’s character sparked an outcry among fans of NCIS: Los Angeles. Especially since it was developed without great details, leaving many loose ends taking into account that not even the slightest indication of what she found in Mexico appeared on the screen to lead her to such a terrible outcome, nor how it happened.

The 33-year-old American actress has never mentioned the real reasons why she left nor has she shown any resentment about it, so it is likely that her departure is simply the result of a narrative decision. The only thing that responded to the demands of the public eager to know more about this strange event was a very brief message repeated by the actress in some interviews.

“Thank you all for the love and support, it means a lot to me, I will miss this character. I don’t know very well the reason for my character’s departure, but it seems that her story had come to an end. ”

“But thanks to the producers for giving me such a great opportunity. Thank you so much CBS, thank you to all the fans who have been so kind and supportive.”