NCIS Los Angeles: 300th Episode Reveals The Show’s Special Guest Star


The popular series NCIS Los Angeles keeps all the viewers trapped with the last chapters of its 13th season, which will reveal the 300th episode of the show, which makes it quite a milestone. However, this special installment will bring a great story with it and introduce a special guest star, Richard Gant, who will play Sam Hanna’s (LL Cool J) father, Raymond Hanna.

The 300th episode titled “Work and Family” will reveal that Sam will be forced to sell his houseboat to take care of his father Raymond Hanna, who has Alzheimer’s. So he will have to say goodbye to what has been his house for the last few years after the death of his wife Michelle (Aunjanue Ellis) in the eighth installment of the program. Which means losing his home will be a huge blow to him.

The reason why Sam will make the difficult decision is because his father had gone out without his caregiver and called Sam, not knowing where he was. When Sam tried to tell him to sit down and wait where he was, Raymond didn’t like it when his son told him to stop walking and talking and hung up. So Sam had to track his phone in order to find him.

It turned out that Raymond had forgotten that he drove to the store and walked home, then turned around and lost his mind to Alzheimer’s. Which means that his illness has begun to worsen with the passage of time and the carelessness of the people who cared for him. Which is why Sam seems to make the decision to move in with him and will have to sell his houseboat.

It will be the first time in 13 seasons of NCIS Los Angeles that Sam Hanna’s father will be shown, despite the fact that he had been mentioned several times on the show. But, to the surprise of many, it will be with the legend Richard Gant, who has a great experience in acting and various participations in popular programs.

The 300th episode arrives on Sunday, May 8, as NCIS Los Angeles nears the end of its 13th season with the final 3 episodes, meaning its finale will air on May 22. The good news is that we already know that it will return with its 14th installment, after the CBS television network renewed the program in March.