NCIS: “It hurt me to film it” Wilmer Valderrama denounced CBS for this controversial episode


NCIS since its debut in 2003 has held a truly impressive number of viewers online, despite the loss of longtime main character Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), its audience has remained more loyal than ever. never before, even after the departure of the agent the numbers of views surprisingly increased. Spoiler alert!

As we all know, Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) has had a major roller coaster of emotions since the end of Season 18 with the departure of Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and then the loss of Gibbs early in Season 19. That’s why that in the last episode we saw him reach the limit.

As part of an investigation, Torres entered an anything-goes fighting ring incognito, taking a severe beating before finally getting the best of his opponent. Before this recent and bloody end, it was the same actor Wilmer Valderrama who spoke about what it was like to record and interpret his character in such a delicate emotional state.

In addition to seeing Nick Torres hurt, in fact Valderrama was also very hurt, which is why his actions in this episode were so extreme. Of course, as usual, Wilmer Valderrama did not hesitate to go to his social networks to interact with his Instagram followers about this mentioned episode:

“Did you watch the episode of NCIS last night? It hurt me just to watch it…wait…actually it hurt me to film it. I want to thank our stunt team and coordinators…it was challenging and ambitious to do…but my heart is blessed that I got into it…thank you for always being there and being great partners as we tell stories that elevate the narrative of each story!”

Of course, given this sincerity, the actor managed to receive the interactions of his fans, since in this publication he managed to win more than eleven thousand “likes”. In his confession, he related that he also felt a little pain in this filming process, due to the intense fight with Torres.

Nick’s opponent, McGee, was so robust that surely none of the other agents would have blamed Torres for walking away rather than stepping into the ring. For Wilmer Valderrama it was an honor to show the sport a little, thanks to this, he felt that it was a small tribute to those MMA and cage fighting participants.

As we’ll recall, Wilmer Valderrama will be heading to NCIS: Hawaii for the first crossover event between the two shows, though fans will have to wait until March to see how Torres and Knight (Katrina Law) mesh with Tennant’s (Vanessa Lachey) team.