NCIS: Hawaii – Unpublished Trailer for New Series is Released; look!


NCIS: Recently, the CBS audience was treated to a new promotional trailer for the NCIS: Hawaii series, which will be starring Vanessa Lachey. The production is set to debut in the station’s Fall Season 2021, on a Monday, alongside NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which is heading for season 19.

In the unpublished video, Vanessa Lachey presents the audience with some details of her character, in addition to what the project will bring to the screens of CBS. It is worth mentioning that another series of the franchise, NCIS: New Orleans, is ending this year, leaving the space vacant for NCIS: Hawaii.

“I am the first female protagonist in the NCIS franchise and I do not consider this to be light-hearted,” revealed the actress throughout the video. “I am very excited to bring a different layer to this character and I hope to inspire the next generation of girls and women,” she continued.

In the plot, viewers will meet Jane Tennant, a special agent in charge of NCIS, who is also the mother of a 15-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl. “This is real life: reconciling life, love and work,” he added. Lachey.

Check out the full trailer:

Learn more about the NCIS: Hawaii series, featuring Vanessa Lachey as the protagonist

The official description of the main character of NCIS: Hawaii still highlights that she is very diplomatic while being quite energetic.

“She is a woman who works in a profession dominated by men, but she has managed to thrive in this system with her incredible confidence and strategy,” commented Lachey.

According to the actress, the state of Hawaii is perfect for an NCIS incursion, given that the franchise has already been in New Orleans, Washington and Los Angeles. “When you pass through Hawaii, you can see the beautiful waters and the beaches. But what interests me most is being able to show the depth of these people, ”she said.

Besides her, the cast also has the participation of Yasmine Al-Bustami, Jason Antoon and Noah Mills. Let’s wait for more news!


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