NCIS: Hawaii: Revealed the truth behind the breakup of these important characters


NCIS: Hawaii is known for being the latest spin-off of the successful NCIS franchise, remember that this team is led by special agent Jane Tennent (Vanessa Lachey). Although this prequel has been very well received by viewers of the CBS television channel, lately it is being heavily criticized for its latest advances.

All of these bad impressions come after the breakup of NCIS‘s favorite couple: Hawaii. As we could see in the last episode entitled “The Game”, Lucy Tara (Yasmine Al-bustami) had the opportunity to become a junior field agent on an undercover mission.

Everything seemed to be going perfectly, since in said mission she was in a casino winning against some of the high rollers. However, from one moment to the next she was cornered and a gun was pointed at the back of her head.

Lucy’s goal was always to go undercover so she could clone the phone of casino owner Ike Diamond (Bruce Altman) in order to find out if he was involved in a previous investigation. She in this act she was discovered, but fortunately, before she was shot by another player she entered the room and managed to distract the gunman, fortunately she managed to escape from her.

Later, Lucy soon found out that, before Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson) moved to Hawaii, she was in a relationship with Cara (Juliana Folk), which never formally ended, Whistler thought that since she was moving, she would never see her again. . But, Whistler never explained this situation to Lucy, and since he could no longer trust her, this decision led to the breakup of the couple.

Immediately, the followers began to criticize the episode through the social platform of Twitter, some even classified it as “heartbreaking”, since until now this was one of the favorite couples of NCIS: Hawaii.

Now all that remains is to wait a little longer and finally find out what will happen to the romance of these girls, who managed to steal all the attention of their audience. Recall that NCIS: Hawaii premiered on September 20, 2021, in short, it is a relatively new series that still has a lot to tell.