NCIS: Hawaii: Fans discover a new clue of romance between these 2 characters


This successful police procedural drama, NCIS: Hawaii, has become one of the most acclaimed series on the CBS television network, and is also one of the most recent spin-offs of the original NCIS franchise. Therefore, in this program we can appreciate more closely the new tactics of television, such as inclusion and camaraderie among spin-offs.

After a break in the middle of the season, NCIS: Hawaii returned to CBS screens, to surprise all its fans with episodes full of action and romance, well, the recent chapters suggest that Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) and Kai (Alex Tarrant ) could have a romance soon, and of course, the fans did not go unnoticed.

This week, fans were more focused on the possibility of a romance blossoming after they spotted a major clue. Recently on NCIS: Hawaii we saw the team of detectives return to investigate the mysterious case of Marines who had their ear canals damaged by an electronic wave weapon.

Ernie Malik (Jason Antoon) believed this to be a targeted attack and visited Dr. Tony Lee (Alec Mapa) for deeper answers. However, Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant was being questioned about her connection to Maggie Shaw (Julie White) following her arrest.

Recall that in the episode titled “Spies 2”, it was revealed in NCIS: Hawaii that Maggie is a spy agent. Both had met 15 years before, everything changed when the team began to investigate Jane Tennant’s friend. In the investigation, they were asked about their vacations in Mexico.

Back at the office, viewers noted potential sparks between her and Kai, although no words were exchanged in the scene, the two kept a longing gaze, hinting at a romance between these two characters.

Kai walked into the office, where Jane was sitting across from her desk, they smiled at each other, Kai then turned his head towards the door, resulting in Jane getting up and following him with a smile. Without a doubt, these gestures lit the spark between the fans of NCIS: Hawaii.