NCIS: Confirmed 2 characters that will return before the end of season 19


NCIS, the naval criminal investigation drama from the CBS broadcast network, returned last Monday after the long hiatus that kept it away from screens since the end of January. Season 19 episode 13 showed forensic scientist Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) meeting someone important in his life while he was going through a difficult situation.

The series that follows the team of NCIS special agents moves forward with season 19 each week, as fans continue to miss Leroy Gibbs, the leader who departed after the fourth episode of the current installment. The character of Mark Harmon, remained at the center of the plot from the first season and was often seen interacting with two of his great friends.

NCIS fans have not given up hope that Leroy Gibbs will return to the crime drama at some point in the remaining episodes of season 19. After Mark Harmon departed the show, it was confirmed that the actor remains on the series behind of camera, since it is one of the executive producers. Without a doubt, this could be a guarantee for him to return, however, so far there is no certainty that this will happen.

But what fans of the CBS crime drama can be sure of is that two of their favorite NCIS characters will be back before season 19 comes to an end. This was revealed by the actor who plays forensic scientist Jimmy Palmer, Brian Dietzen, during a recent interview with TVLine.

Dietzen assured the outlet that former FBI agent, now private investigator Tobias Fornell, played by Joe Spano, will return to the NCIS show in an upcoming episode of season 19. Fans know him as one of Leroy’s closest and most trusted characters. Gibbs. Both have been through a lot in their lives and one of the things they have in common is that they lost their daughters at the hands of criminals.

This will be another chance for fans to see Fornell back on NCIS with season 19. Recall that he appeared alongside his old friend Leroy Gibbs earlier in the season during agent Alden Parker’s (Gary Cole) debut, and he sure is. Maybe the two of them could have some history together now that Harmon’s character is gone. Fornell and Parker have a certain familiarity with each other, and that makes a lot of sense, given that they both spent a significant number of years with the FBI.

And regarding the other character that will be back with the 19th season of NCIS, it is the medical examiner Ducky Mallard, the legendary character played by the outstanding actor David McCallum, who already appeared in one of the first episodes of this installment. It only remains to be seen what the writers of the CBS crime drama have in store for them.