NCIS: CBS Crime Drama Brings Back This Legendary Gibbs Friend Character


NCIS, the naval criminal investigation drama from the CBS broadcast network, returned to fans’ screens this Monday, January 17 as promised. The 11th episode of the 19th season of the action series also reintroduced a legendary character worthy of admiration due to his extensive knowledge in the forensic area, and that he has helped solve many crimes over the years. . (Spoilers for episode 11)

Fortunately, the crew and cast of NCIS managed to return to the film set of the nineteenth season of television’s longest running and most successful criminal procedural series. On January 14, filming resumed for the rest of the episodes after production was suspended the previous week, when some members were found to have positive cases of the new variant of covid-19 known as Omicron.

NCIS continues to move forward with its weekly broadcast and Brian Dietzen, who plays forensic scientist Jimmy Palmer, confirmed before the premiere the return of a legendary and beloved character from the show, with this week’s all-new episode titled ‘All Hands ‘.

According to the promotion for this installment, the NCIS team is shown caught in a surprise ambush in the middle of a gunfight. It is also revealed that on the other side there are people pretending to be part of the Navy. But, the good news is that the honorable David McCallum, who has brought to life the legendary Dr. Ducky Mallard, great friend of Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) on NCIS since the series premiered in 2003, returned with the 11th episode of season 19.

Recall that the 88-year-old actor has reduced his presence in the CBS series as the medical examiner Ducky Mallard, and only plans to appear in a handful of episodes of each season of NCIS, because the production is taking care of health of the talented actor David McCallum in the midst of the pandemic crisis that the world is currently going through.

As well as seeing Mallard eventually being a part of the crime drama’s storylines, NCIS fans are also looking forward to the return of Leroy Gibbs, who took his leave during the fourth episode of season 19 after his long run leading the hit show. . So far, it has not been confirmed when Mark Harmon will be back with the role of him again, but it is something that the faithful viewers take into account, since they were promised that he would return only with a few episodes.