NCIS 18×8: Jack Sloane intends to stay in Afghanistan


The 18th season of NCIS (Naval Investigation) marked Jack Sloane’s departure from the investigation team. Although the actress Maria Bello had already announced her departure in 2020, saying goodbye to the forensic psychologist was not easy – mainly because her last episode was very intense! Check out the full recap below.

Warning: the text contains spoilers!

More details of the NCIS 18×8 episode

Right from the beginning, the episode sets the tone that this will be a very exciting chapter. After all, he starts with Jack telling Gibbs that he has already checked into a house in Costa Rica. However, before she can actually say goodbye, investigators receive the news that a bus has been hijacked by the Taliban and the message “SLOANE NCIS” has been left on the windows.

She realizes that the message was left by Darya, a woman who took care of her when Jack was kidnapped in Afghanistan by the character known as The Monster. Then, she goes to the region to investigate while Bishop, Torres, McGee and Kasie look for tips on how the Taliban managed to find out about the student bus route.

In Afghanistan, Gibbs and Sloane enlist the help of Nadi to find out where the girls are being held hostage. In a broadcast, they discover that the girls are being auctioned and one of them suffers from epilepsy, so it could not be marketed. As if cruelty was not enough, NCIS members still discover that Darya was murdered and her body had a message that they should return home, or more girls would die.

The team in the United States finds out who informed the Taliban about the bus route and is able to find out where the other girls are to rescue them. In the end, Gibbs learns that Sloane’s plan was never to go to Costa Rica. In fact, she plans to stay in Afghanistan to help more people, continuing the work that Darya started.

Sloane has never been content with administrative work and knows that it can do more good for humanity if he is in the field, even if it means risking his life many times. In an emotional farewell, she and Gibbs exchange a kiss and she leaves the way open for him to visit.

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