NCIS: 18th season finale will be very controversial, says actor


NCIS: In a recent interview with TV Line, Wilmer Valderrama, who plays special agent Nick Torres on NCIS, commented that the final episode of the series’s 18th season will be very controversial.

“We are going to give viewers a lot to talk about. I am not going to say that the public will have to wait a long time to know everything, but it is that this episode is really unpredictable ”, he said. “I promise it will be surprising,” added the actor.

It is worth remembering that the production of CBS has already been renewed for a 19th season. In this way, fans can already breathe easy, as it is very likely that more episodes exist so that the consequences of the eventual ravishing conflicts of the season finale are better developed.

NCIS 18th season: find out more about the controversial season finale

Still during the interview, Wilmer Valderrama said that he still doesn’t know anything about the fate of investigator Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon). Apparently, the character will be back in the 19th season, but it could be that he appears only sporadically.

“I can only speak for [Nick] Torres. I don’t play with Gibbs and it’s not my journey to comment on that, ”he argued. “But I will say that the season finale is simply impressive. It will be a very emotional episode ”, revealed the actor.

For viewers, it is good to know that the end of the season will provide great shocks of reality for the characters, but at the same time it can be very worrying, especially due to the narrative unfolding of the series.

“There is a lot of action, things that fans are dying to see and also some answers that need to happen,” he concluded excitedly.

That way, stay tuned! The end of the 18th season of NCIS is scheduled to air on May 25, a Tuesday, on CBS.