NCAA Suspends Male and Female Tournaments and March Madness


NCAA Suspends Male and Female Tournaments and March Madness.

According to Shams Charania in The Athletic, the NCAA has decided to suspend all of its male and female tournaments and to cancel the March Madness it was planned to hold behind closed doors. The coronavirus It destroys most of the world sporting events.

The NCAA has canceled the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments and March Madness.

The NCAA announced the cancellation of this year’s March Madness tournament due to the coronavirus.

The coronavirus continues to spread around the world at a very fast pace, and the US could not remain unaffected.

The NCAA has canceled March Madness (the tournament to determine the college winner) as well as other men’s and women’s virus tournaments.

Initially it was decided to lock the doors (only the team staff and some members of the athletes’ families would be on the court), but today it has changed.

The final was scheduled to take place in Atlanta on April 6.


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