NBA World’s reaction to the news of Kendall Jenner’s Breakup


In the biggest NBA news of 2022—or perhaps of all time—love has officially reeled.

On Wednesday E! News reported that Phoenix Suns quarterback Devin Booker and Kardashian’s sister Kendall Jenner have broken up. Separation ends a relationship lasting at least two years together.

According to the report, the couple went through a “difficult period” just over a week ago. It was Jenner who told Booker that she wanted to “divide space and time.”

At the same time, the relationship has not officially ended. But at the moment they broke up.

Judging by some reviews on Twitter, NBA fans are completely shocked by this devastating news:

Other NBA fans who are able to gather their strength are already thinking about which NBA player the millionaire may consider as the next partner:

Meanwhile, some others believe that, without being distracted by the relationship, Devin Booker will finally be able to win an NBA title with the Suns:

Kendall Jenner has been ranked as the highest paid model in the world since 2017. She earns $40 million a year in addition to the millions she earns as a social media influencer.

Devin Booker has been one of the NBA’s best offensive defensemen over the past three years. In the 2021/22 season, he achieved record figures in points and rebounds.

Maybe one day they’ll fix the fences.