NBA World’s Reaction to the Nets’ Decision regarding Kyrie Irving


The KD-Kyrie experiment in Brooklyn may end without ever starting.

Nets reporter Christian Winfield of the New York Daily News reported Monday that the franchise has granted star quarterback Kyrie Irving permission to seek signing and trade offers from other teams.

By Winfield:

The Nets… were unwilling to renew a long-term contract with Irving with significant financial guarantees. They don’t believe Irving is committed to doing his best to be on the court every game for his teammates.

The NBA’s Twitter reacted to the events from BC at the beginning of the week.

“A man from Jersey comes to Brooklyn, displaces existing players because of his own aspirations, and now, frustrated by the limitations of COVID and quality of life problems, is considering moving,” Josh Solomon wrote.

“I can’t tell if I read it more like ‘I don’t know if we can do this with you, forget about the cost’ or ‘you know YOU’ll find a deal, buddy,'” Steve Jones Jr. remarked.

“My private messages with [Kevin Durant] since 2019,” another user said. “I love being right!”

“This situation with the Nets broke down incredibly quickly,” another commented. “I can’t say I’m *shocked*, but we’ve seen a total of 16 games of their big three. I do not know how it could have turned out worse.”

“Dude, you just believe in anything,” the Nets fan says for the 138th time in the last 5 days before finally bursting into tears and running away.”

If Kyrie Irving leaves, it’s hard to imagine Kevin Durant staying at BC, which will most likely send the Nets back to the basement of the Atlantic Division after creating a fantastic culture under Kenny Atkinson.