NBA World’s Reaction to Kyrie Irving Swap Rumors


Will Kyrie Irving play for a new team next season?

Trade rumors are spreading this Monday. Why? According to NBA insider Shams Charania, Irving is still considering whether he will choose a player option with the Brooklyn Nets.

If Irving refuses, he will become a free agent. In this scenario, two teams are expected to chase him: the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks.

“Sources: Kyrie Irving, the Nets have reached an impasse in talking about their future in Brooklyn, clearing the way for the seven—time All-Star contestant to consider an open market,” Charania said. The Lakers and Knicks are expected to appear among potential suitors.”

Could a LeBron James and Kyrie Irving reunion really be in the works?

“I need Kyrie for Russ, sign and trade,” the fan wrote.

“If the Lakers trade Russ, they have to make sure they get back the maximum amount of salary they can get in any deal, which is about $55 million,” one fan said.

Bill Simmons, meanwhile, says the only way the Lakers will get Kyrie is if the Oklahoma City Thunder acquire Russell Westbrook in exchange.

“When we did ‘Where is Kyrie going?’ A segment in my block 2 weeks ago, there were fake deals I recorded here (PS: I can’t imagine OKC taking Russ, but that’s the only way Los Angeles has a chance at Kyrie; Brooklyn bringing Russ back would be… crazy? ),” Bill Simmons added.

The offseason in the NBA promises to be stormy. Buckle up.