NBA Player Uses Zelda Franchise Sound When Scoring Points


NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player Jarrett Allen is a big fan of the Zelda franchise and recently discovered that a game sound is played when he scores points during matches, but only when he is playing in the stadium. From home.

The information was revealed in an ESPN report, in which he says he is one of the biggest fans of the Zelda franchise. In addition, the athlete collects several items related to the game, such as a 3D printed shield and other types of memorabilia.

Card fan

It’s common to play victory sounds right after a player scores points, like the classic Super Mario coin sound, which has been played for years in stadiums across the United States. So Allen chose a specific sound: the sound effect that played when the character Link found some secret item or a hidden area.

The NBA player’s favorite game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time — in fact, the adventure was released in the same year the sportsman was born. “It took me about 10 seconds to come up with this perfect decision. Short and great,” Allen said when responding to his choice.

The sound can be heard in a Cavaliers game in the video above, however, in the video below, you can only hear the sound effect.