NBA: Los Angeles Lakers legend Elgin Baylor died aged 86


The Los Angeles team for which the Hall of Famer played with the No. 22 jersey for 14 years – 11 times All-Star and one of the iconic players of basketball of the 60s made the announcement on social media: ” He was the love of my life and my best friend ”, the words with which the communiqué of his wife Elaine opens.

The Los Angeles Lakers through their official social channels have communicated the news of the death of Elgin Baylor – yellow-purple legend and the NBA of the 60s, protagonist alongside Jerry West for over a decade in which he won 11 calls to the All -Star Game, but never managing to win an NBA title . He was 86 years old, who died of natural causes “in peace”, we read in the statement that also reports the words of his wife Elaine: “He was the love of my life and my best friend. Like all the others who surrounded him, I was captivated by his courage, his dignity and the time he has always dedicated to all his fans.. What my family and I are asking now is the opportunity to be able to mourn his disappearance in private form ”.

Who is Elgin Baylor ?

Born in 1934 in Washington DC and raised in college first in Idaho and then in Seattle (with which he captured the NCAA title), Baylor was called by the Minneapolis Lakers – at the time the team was in Minnesota – as first pick in the 1958 draft. . In his first season as a professional he closed with 25 points and 15 rebounds on average, winning the rookie of the year award and then continuing for another 13 years with the franchise that in the meantime passed to Los Angeles. After retiring from basketball played in 1971 – just in the season in which the Lakers finally managed to conquer the NBA title that he had pursued so much, preparing the following year a ring for him too who never felt that goal was hisBaylor worked as a head coach for the New Orleans Jazz and then later as an executive at the Los Angeles Clippers . “Elgin was THE superstar of his time – underlines Jeanie Buss, current owner of the Lakers – he was one of the very few players to have experienced that decisive transition for the franchise to Los Angeles [the legend tells, without going too far from the truth, that , if the Lakers had not chosen him in the 1958 Draft, they would have probably failed as a franchise in Minneapolis, ed ]. Even more important than this, however, was his integrity, even as he did towards the American army ”. The Lakers withdrew his no.22 jersey, as well as having a statue of him outside the Staples Center for some time now. “In the name of the entire Lakers organization, our prayers and thoughts are dedicated to his family.”


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