NBA 2K22, First Impressions; Doncic Points To The Future


NBA 2K22: We discover exclusively for our country the main novelties of NBA 2K22, a new installment of the basketball franchise par excellence.The arrival of NBA 2K21 to the not so new generation, PS5 and Xbox Series, was above all a change at a visual level. As happened in the PS4 and Xbox One stage, the Visual Concepts and 2K Sports franchise became a champion of what the new consoles are capable of with a technical section whose fidelity and spectacularity was beyond doubt when we had it between hands. However, it was also a testing ground for really important additions, such as the replacement of the Barrio, with which we lived together for 3 years, by the City, an experiment that laid the foundations of what has to be the closest thing to a basketball sandbox and that little by little it will be polished. Precisely to polish this, and other aspects, both in other game modes and gameplay, is what NBA 2K22 comes for, a game that promises to leave no one behind.

To go from being a promise to a reality, the player who best exemplifies that has been chosen to be the image of the game this year: Luka Doncic, protagonist of the cover for both the new and the past generation. A generation – which we will call current – which Visual Concepts does not want to bury before its time, aware that there is still a huge player base in it, whose version will also be enjoyed by PC players, and for which there will also be more content that to spare. To discover all this, we were able to attend a presentation in which Meristation was the only Spanish media present, and in which we glimpsed in a virtual way – as has become customary in these times of pandemic – what will come to us in the coming months with NBA 2K22.

The City (or Neighborhood) and My Career, more integrated than ever

One of those attending this presentation was Erick Boenisch, Senior Producer of Visual Concepts, who left us all the previous brushstrokes of what will be My Career, although in a few weeks we will know more details. Mainly, he recognized that the narrative part of this game mode has been somewhat stagnant for years, so that in the face of NBA 2K22 they have decided to give it a twist. There are – we are – few players who go far over this storyline prior to the bulk of My Career, so that the line that separates this story and all the options that were opened before us at the end of it will be finer than ever . So much so that both will be completely integrated, that is: the story will unfold completely in the City, without so many cinematic scenes that interrupt the action when we do things as simple as visiting the hairdresser for the first time or our agent.

Regarding the City, a great protagonist already in NBA 2K21, we can forget precisely the one we saw in the previous installment, since it will be completely new. Through monitoring the activity of the players as well as their own feedback, it has been decided not to give it a mere facelift, but to remake it from scratch with more buildings, a new quest system, more NPCs … In short, the objective has been give it even more life even for the most casual player, the one who wants to enter to play 15 minutes, something that, as we know, was complicated. They want to put into practice the very hackneyed concept of “respecting the player’s time.”

As we have experienced in recent months, it is difficult to enter the City and play a simple 3 against 3, for various reasons: waiting times, players who kick us out for not having enough media … The possibilities are multiplied so that this is not repeated , in addition to adding more single player activities so that this open environment looks more and more like what the players want.

There is also good – very good indeed – news for current gen players. If the NBA 2K21 Neighborhood sinned as a continuist, in NBA 2K22 a total break is also expected. On this occasion, all the usual action on the fields and various establishments will take place on nothing less than a cruise ship. Yes, you read that correctly. A huge ship will have at its disposal all the activities for current players, but that is not the craziest thing either. This cruise will make stops in various cities where we can enjoy specific thematic events of each of them, which will undoubtedly keep the interest of players also on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Finally, the most outstanding novelty that Boenisch left us – in addition to a new Player Builder that they could not give more details about – are the Seasons, which will also be present in the City and My Career, and the possibility of finding “alternative talents” and participate in other businesses off the court, such as Lillard in rap or LeBron in the cinema as best examples. There will also be additions, obviously, in other game modes such as My Team, to which the Seasons and the long-awaited Draft Mode will return. , and for which we will have to wait for the specific blog to find out more news, and My GM, which being a very complete mode as it is, will add another layer of depth to the recruitment of technical staff and for the franchise.

Changes on the pitch

A full next-gen development cycle has allowed the Visual Concepts team to dig even deeper into the new consoles, PS5, and Xbox Series. To talk about it, Mike Wang, Gameplay Director, took the floor, who assured that they are aware that the attack has more tools to score than the defense has to avoid it, an evil that is endemic to the sports genre and that we also see in other simulator franchises like FIFA or Madden. For this reason, the decision in this regard has been drastic, and the robbery system, stopper and even the scoring of shots have been completely redesigned.

The main idea, he assures, is that it be a system that rewards the ability of the player in command above all else, explaining that the premise is that each movement of the attack has its specific “counter” in defense, a novel concept in sports games . Asked specifically about the aspect of fatigue, Wang also affirms that he will have a greater weight in the game, adding that each movement, both in attack and defense, will have a different impact on fatigue.

Although we have talked mainly about defense, changes have also been made in attack with the same idea of ​​which we spoke before, and in this way, breaking a defender, the new signature moves, the basket shot, the dunks in traffic or the alley-oops will also be more demanding on the player.

NBA 2K22 Editions Puzzle

As in NBA 2K21, NBA 2K22 will have several editions, especially considering that it is an intergenerational game. On the one hand we will have available the standard edition, for a single platform, and making it clear, once again, that the PC version will be current, that is, the same as on PS4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, also with Luka Doncic on the cover , the multigenerational edition will give us access to the two versions of the same family of consoles, (PS4 and PS5, or Xbox One and Xbox Series) plus a good handful of extras such as MT, tokens, cards for My Team or items for My Player . Finally, the largest edition will feature Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Durant, and will offer us the same as the multigenerational edition plus 100,000 CV (the in-game currency) to invest in My Career or My Team.

NBA 2K22 launches next September 10 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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