NBA 2K21’s PS5 Cover Star Revealed with New Promotion Movie


Deciding to use the next generation superstar to the next generation console, 2K Games chose Pelicans’ rookie star Zion Williamson for the NBA 2K21’s PlayStation 5 cover. The third cover has not been announced yet.

The reflection of NBA, the most popular basketball league in the world, was the NBA 2K series developed by 2K. Williamson, which we also saw in the PlayStation 5 promotion, became the cover face of NBA 2K21 on this console.

We have also reported on the cover with Damian Lillard before. That cover will be used on the PS4 version of the game. On the cover of the PlayStation 5 version, there will be “NBA’s new generation superstar” Williamson, with the expression 2K used in the promotion. The third cover is not yet clear.

Williamson: My dream came true

The young star of the NBA was drafted by New Orleans Pelicans in the first place in the 2019 draft. The player, who gained the appreciation of everyone who is biased not only with his performance, but also with his actions such as paying the salaries of the team employees who cannot make money during the pandemic, made a statement about the NBA 2K21 being on the cover.

“It has been my dream to be on the cover of NBA 2K since childhood, and being the first NBA 2K21 cover athlete for the new generation console is really special,” he said. Williamson said, “Since I joined Team 2K, I wanted to influence basketball culture both on and off the court, and being on the NBA 2K21 cover of the new generation consoles gives me this chance. I can’t wait to be a part of this global phenomenon and play with other NBA 2K21 basketball players. ”

The third cover is not yet clear

There will also be a special clamshell version of the game. Although this cover has not yet been released, NBA star and Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash in the past months, is expected to be on the cover of this production.

Due to the coronavirus, this season of NBA will be completed with matches to be played in Disneyland. Let’s see if this situation will cause the NBA games that we encounter in normal conditions to be delayed in October?


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