NBA 2K21: where to start in My Team?


We recommend the first steps to take in My Team, one of the star and most played modes of the franchise and with many changes in NBA 2K21.

One more season does not miss one of the most renowned franchises of all sports, and NBA 2K21 is already among us. At least the version for current consoles, since, as we know, it will be available from the launch day of PS5 and Xbox Series X, and we can improve it without paying it at full price by now getting the Mamba Forever edition. But until that moment arrives, we don’t even know when it will be specifically, we have many weeks ahead of us to enjoy the current version, especially with a My Team mode that has been remodeled on many fronts and whose progress will be maintained at 100% facing the next gen, something that does not happen with My Player.

In fact, My Team has changed so much that our way of approaching this mode probably has to do as well, completely different from other seasons. Let’s see why.

Before you start … get used to the Pro Stick

“A change in gameplay is a new aspect to master,” said Mike Wang, Gameplay Director, at the virtual presentation we were able to attend a little over a week ago. Indeed, it is not easy at all, if we are used to using the action buttons to shoot to the basket, do it now with the right stick, but we will have no choice. At least in the first few hours it will be really difficult to get our first shots in the green, so much so that we should not rule out a patch in the coming weeks. Even with everything, it is an aspect that adds difficulty and demand to the game, something that is always appreciated.

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The first decision: who to choose in the Starter Pack?
Like every season lately, when starting in My Team in NBA 2K21 we are given the option to choose a Starter Pack featuring an Evo card from a great NBA star, and here is the first decision we must make. We have to be realistic and aware that, whatever card we choose, in the end it will not be so important, since it will not take long to get a better one, but it will not hurt for our first steps. The options are: Allen Iverson, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett and Shaquille O’Neal, all of them Esmeralda, with evolution until Rubí.


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