NBA 2K21 to facilitate 3 1/2 distance shots through update


The difficulty of scoring out of the zone in the early days of NBA 2K21 causes Visual Concepts to implement a patch for some modes and difficulties.

All those who are already enjoying NBA 2K21 in any of its game modes, be it My Career or My Team, will have realized how extremely difficult it is to score from afar, not just from beyond the 3 line, but also medium distance. The changes in the shootmeter are wreaking havoc not only among new players, but also among higher-level players, who see the vast majority of long-distance shots bouncing off the rim … if they ever touch it. After the feedback collected, Visual Concepts will tweak this by patch, although not at all levels of difficulty.

Thus, as announced by the study in charge of NBA 2K21, in the next few hours an update will be applied that will make it easier to score from medium or long distance, although only in the Rookie, Pro and All-Star difficulty levels, remaining in Hall of Fame exactly the same, as well as in the Barrio, where it will remain untouched.

Tips from Mike Wang

“Let me know what you think, especially on Play Now, My Career and My Team,” said Mike Wang, Gameplay Director on Twitter. “With all the changes in shooting this year everything has been redone and it is difficult to score from outside the area, but we are there to improve it.”

While this update arrives, Wang has also left some tips on his profile, such as zooming in with the camera, even if it is to the detriment of a smaller range of visibility on the court. It also gives tricks to score, such as keeping the left trigger pressed until the moment of launching, or on the contrary, if we do not finish getting used to the Pro Stick to shoot, we can continue doing it with the Square or X button – in the case of PS4 and Xbox One, respectively-, getting a boost if we deactivate the meter.

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