NBA 2K21 promise greater integration of the women league


The studio responsible for the video game will offer customizable leagues, a player-focused career mode and an exclusive online mode.

2K Games and Visual Concepts have announced that the next-generation version of NBA 2K21 will further integrate the WNBA women’s league. In a press release, senior producer Felicia Steenhouse has detailed all the news that will be included in the video game. She has also thanked the players for their support, who she says have inspired them to keep going. “When we finished NBA 2K20, we knew that one of our first goals in NBA 2K21 would be to work on that foundation to improve the control and progression of the league in the WNBA,” he says.

Users will be able to create their own league, control the 12 available teams and lead them to glory throughout the different seasons. Steenhouse has placed particular emphasis on customization, which will incorporate the following elements.

  • You can create your own league. From rules to finances, collective agreements, the draft and everything in between. You can use the 2K presets to enjoy a different experience, or download the settings shared by the community.
  • In Playoffs mode, you can skip the season and go straight to the playoffs.
  • Do you want to play with friends? You can do it in the online leagues.
  • Activate the role elements to experience the WNBA from a GM’s perspective.
  • More advanced players will be able to raise the difficulty and compete in the leaderboards.
  • Once you’ve immersed yourself in your own universe, save and upload your custom settings to share what you’ve created with the community.
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The W, a career for your own player

As if that were not enough, they have created a new mode in which you can design a player and manage her career, both on and off the court. This is The W, a modality that claims that “the women of the WNBA are much more than athletes, and are defining professional sport as we know it in real time.” As for customization, players will have the opportunity to choose between 30 basic faces, but they also have an option that will allow them to scan their face to see themselves reproduced in the title. Options like weight, height, etc. will also be available. “An interesting aspect of this game mode is that your player’s progress will only be activated when playing matches,” so choosing the type of player will be very important.

The W Online is a 3v3 multiplayer mode where you will choose your player and have the option to fight against other people. The studio promises that the scenarios will look especially good: “If you wanted next-generation graphics, here they are.”

NBA 2K21 is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but it will go on sale on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on November 10, while the PS5 version will do the same on November 19.


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