NBA 2K21 presents the news of My Team mode


2K Games announces all the news about My Team in NBA 2K21, which highlights the new limited mode, a competitive mode for the weekends.

In the absence of a few weeks until NBA 2K21 arrives, whose launch will be this season sooner than ever, 2K Games begins to present the news regarding all its game modes, after knowing some information regarding its different editions and how we can take the generational leap when PS5 and Xbox Series X arrive. To begin with, they have chosen My Team, one of the star modes of the franchise but at the same time one of the ones that needed the most changes after an edition in which a few aspects were still glimpsed to improve.

New ways to compete

Probably the most prominent inclusion in My Team in NBA 2K21 is Limited Mode. As we can imagine, it is a new online mode that, unlike the classic and criticized Limited, will have certain requirements. It can be played from Friday to Sunday, FIFA FUT Champions style, and it will be necessary to form a squad based on specific rules: players under 25, only one Ruby card at most, with at least cards from the 2020 collection. Every weekend we will have the opportunity to get a Champion’s Ring and get rewards in which a certain component of surprise and unknown will be added.

Meanwhile, My Team will take the already usual model of many games, not only sports, of the Season, which will continue with the system already seen: we will have a series of individual challenges -they talk about something similar to the Under the Spotlights, from NBA 2K20 – and multiplayer, to get experience and rewards depending on the level we get. Each Season will last for a month and a half, and we will also have daily, weekly and seasonal tasks, with the first big reward being, if we reach the maximum level, a Pink Diamond card from Stephen Curry.

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