NBA 2K21 is Available For Free at The Epic Games Store


NBA 2K21: It is already more than expected that the Epic Games Store will make some games available for free every week, but this time we have something special for basketball fans. The NBA 2K21 game can be purchased at the digital store today and free of charge, and it will be in your library forever after that.

It is worth mentioning that the title will be available this way until the 27th of May and after that date, you will have to buy it at the normal price if you have missed this week’s opportunity. After that period, another game will be offered for free, but it still remains a “mysterious game” on the Epic Games page.

For those who don’t remember, NBA 2K21 is the latest game in the franchise, having been released in September 2020. As always, this offer only applies to the PC version and you can purchase the title both on the Epic Games Store website and in their launcher if you installed it on your computer.


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