NBA 2K21 introduction and the power of next gen consoles


PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be available next month. One of the most concrete clues about what a visual experience awaits players on next-generation consoles is the NBA 2K21 promotional video shared by 2K Sports. In this video, it is possible to see that the players are processed in much more detail than the past and the development of the game’s animation systems.

It can be said that NBA 2K21 will be one of the few platforms where the halls can be seen full for a while. 2K Sports states that with the new game, the interaction of the audience with the players on the flooring will be much stronger. For example, the audience seen in the stands while the players are on the floor will be shown at least as detailed as the players.

The camera angle named “Rail Cam”, which the NBA uses after the 2019-2020 season restarts, will also take place in NBA 2K21. Thanks to this camera angle, it becomes possible to get closer to the field than ever before.

It remains unclear how the game will change. However, information on this subject will be shared in three different “Field Side Reports”. These will describe the main gameplay, new moves and the game engine named “Impact Engine”. In another report, information about the new generation artificial intelligence and changes in MyPLAYER Builder will be given. New information about the WNBA, Career and its renewed Neighborhood mode will also be shared in the coming weeks.

NBA 2K21 will meet with players on new generation game consoles from day one. The game will be sold on new consoles for $ 70. The price tag of the Mamba Edition, which can be played on both new and old consoles, will be $ 100.

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