NBA 2K21 impressions: this is the new Neighborhood


We attended the virtual presentation of the new NBA 2K21 by members of Visual Concepts, with special emphasis on the new My Career mode.

We are just a week away from the launch of NBA 2K21 -with a demo already available-, coinciding with one of the most convulsive stages of the last 30 years in the league due to racial problems in the United States, which surely has direct consequences as well in a delivery that will witness the development of a competition 2020/2021 at least … peculiar. Last Wednesday we were able to attend a virtual presentation about the main novelties of this edition, in which they confirmed that we will not see “empty pavilions, nor the bubble pavilion”, where, at least until now, the Playoffs of the 19/20 season. But it will not be a different game just because of these special circumstances, but because it will be the end of a generation, that of PS4 and Xbox One, which has not been without its virtues – it is still considered the best sports simulator – or decisions. less successful, almost none of them related to the gameplay.

Although we are all with the excitement of the arrival of a new generation of consoles, we must not forget that after all, NBA 2K21 will still coexist for a few months with the present, in which emphasis was precisely made in the presentation that we witnessed . In it they talked about the playable news -the new shootmeter and the Pro Stick are the star-, and in all the main game modes, in addition to, incidentally, getting wet about the controversial decision to link generational improvement to the acquisition of the Mamba Forever edition. We tell you first hand.

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Before the new neighborhood … the college

There hasn’t been much emphasis on the narrative aspect of NBA 2K21’s new My Career mode, and that’s not where the greatest efforts have been put into this season. On the contrary, the intention on this occasion will satisfy the most purists, since more importance will be given to the stage prior to our player’s arrival in the NBA, that is: the university stage and the Draft, an experience they have wanted ” expand on previous releases ”from Visual Concepts, as acknowledged by Ben Bishop, Senior Producer. “Bringing back the universities is one of the big decisions this season.” For this, up to 10 of the most popular colleges at the basketball level in the USA have been included: UCLA, Michigan State, Connecticut, Florida, Gonzaga, Syracuse, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Villanova and West Virginia, a more than considerable amount still lacking programs of the prestige of Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina or Kansas, although that yes, before it will even have to play some parties in the institute. Contrary to what happened in NBA 2K19, in this edition we will not have as much control over our sporting destiny in the sense of which franchise we will go to, as it happens in real life.


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