NBA 2K21 details the City mode, exclusive to PS5


In an extensive update to the official blog, 2K Games and Visual Concepts explain the evolution of El Barrio mode, a large online community.

When 2K Games designed NBA 2K14, they introduced El Parque, a competitive online game where players could battle each other without the constraints of the authentic NBA experience. That idea evolved in El Barrio, which has remained present throughout the years. “We are proud of what we have been able to build in the past and amazed every day by the competitiveness and creativity that fans have shown in our world,” says Eric Boenisch, Executive Producer at Visual Concepts. Now, the studio has announced an evolved version of that mode for next-gen consoles in NBA 2K21: welcome to The City.

“Imagine a map that is much, much larger than our previous neighborhoods, a design reminiscent of modern metropolises and complemented by long skyscrapers, squares and the city center.” As if that wasn’t enough, it is home to four districts, each controlled by a different affiliation. “With this, I am incredibly proud to announce that Affiliations are back.”

According to Boenisch, it is the most ambitious virtual basketball community they have ever made. “The wide variety of buildings and basketball courts that we have been able to create and fit on the map still amazes me,” he says.


In total, there are four different Affiliations, North Side Knights, South City Vipers, Beasts of the East, and Western Wildcats. Each of them has its own courts

All Affiliations will be represented by mayors. But what exactly do they do? What influence do they have and how are they chosen? For the launch of NBA 2K21, they have personally selected the initial candidates, specifically several influencers from the community. Although they are elected, as in real democracy, it will not be a permanent position, but will change every 6 months. There will be elections, polls and other news displayed in the game’s own menu.

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NBA 2K21 will be published on November 10, so it will be a launch game on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, while the PS5 version will be delayed until November 12 in countries such as the United States, Mexico and Japan; in Spain it will arrive on November 19, at the same time as the console.


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